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P1070433 (Mobile)Hello future retirement rocket scientists, and welcome to the site. Retirement Rocket Science started as a way for me to share insights into feeling secure on the path to financial freedom, otherwise known as retirement. I began a career in IT shortly before the dot com boom and following crash, and saw firsthand the importance of not only having a plan to grow wealth, but also in having the right information to build a strong foundation for a financially secure future.

Over a decade later of working in IT I went back to school to get my master’s degree, still with an IT focus, but with a little more attention on business. After witnessing the devastating losses people suffered during the 2008 financial crisis I decided to gain advanced knowledge in the field of business and technology, and earned a Doctor of Business Administration degree.

Riding in Arizona
Riding in Arizona

In between degrees I lived in Germany for half a year and saw how differently Americans look at work, possessions, friendship, family, and financial freedom. I’m an avid motorcyclist and enjoy riding my trusty FZ6 across the country. I’m also a home brewer, a hobby my friends say I’m great at, and I don’t think they would ever lie!

Brewing beer
47 gallons of beer!

Hopefully you’ll learn something on these pages you can apply to your own life to get one step closer to financial freedom and the recognition that you hold the keys to your own personal happiness. There are no secrets to feeling secure on the path to retirement, but if you don’t have the knowledge it will all feel like rocket science. We can change that; grab a pint, sit back, and let’s make you a retirement rocket scientist!

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